Implement MySQL Support


This item involves the following tasks:
  1. Create the DB Dialog for MySQL connections
  2. Bind the ConnectionDetail object to the UI. Might involve adding new properties to support MySQL connections.
  3. Refactor IDBViewProvider to push the following members down:
    string AllTablesQuery { get; }
    string AllPackagesQuery { get; }
    string AllViewsQuery { get; }
    string AllColumnsQueryForGivenTable(string tableName);
    string AllProcsQueryForGivenPkg(string pkgName);
    string RetreivePackageBody(string pkgName);
    string QueryForPkgBody(string pkgName);
    string RetreiveProcedureBodyInPackage(string pkgName, string procName);
    string QueryForProcBodyInPkg(string pkgName, string procName);
    string RetreiveViewBody(string viewName);
    string QueryForViewBody(string viewName);
    string AllPrimaryKeyColumnsQueryForGivenTable(string tableName);
    string AllForeignKeyColumnsQueryForGivenTable(string tableName);
    string AllConstraintsQueryForGivenTable(string tableName);
    string AllTriggersQueryForGivenTable(string tableName);
    string AllIndexesQueryForGivenTable(string tableName);
    (Use string constants to capture these queries inside OracleProvider)
  4. Create the MySQL DB provider and implement the provider methods. Refer to the attached document that describes the MySQL DB Metadata information.

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Closed Jan 26, 2009 at 11:58 AM by KalyanAkella
Completed MySQL integration.